About Us

ZippyJamz change how babies and parents experience their new lives together through high-quality, simple and intuitive products.

As a proud mother of 3 little ones, I know diaper changing.

Weeks after my daughter was born, I was in the zombie state of exhaustion that all new parents face. My husband and I dreaded night-time diaper changes. Sleepers with snaps jolted our daughter awake and trying to match them in the dark was impossible. Front zippers let in cold air; so by the time my daughter was ready for her diaper change, she was completely naked, freezing and awake.

Was this really the best way to dress and change babies?!

By focusing on simple design and functionality, ZippyJamz make dressing and diaper changing super quick and easy.

ZippyJamz’ patent-pending design combines two zippers in a single garment – the first, along the front makes dressing easy; the second, along the inseam, makes diaper changing super convenient.

  • Babies stay warm, covered and in a sleep state
  • Fully lined zippers won’t pinch or irritate baby’s skin
  • Easy to zip and unzip even if your baby is rolling, kicking or crawling away

Get or give the gift of better sleep and easier diaper changing today.