What are ZippyJamz?
ZippyJamz Sleepers make diaper changes easier. A simple, patent-pending two-zipper system allows parents to quickly access their baby’s diaper changing area. Once your baby is clean, just zip the sleeper and get on with your day!

Where can I buy ZippyJamz?
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How do ZippyJamz make diaper changing easier?
ZippyJamz combine two zippers in a single garment – the first runs from the neck to ankle and the second from ankle to ankle along the inseam. The second zipper allows parents to quickly and easily access their baby’s diaper changing area. ZippyJamz:
-keep babies warm, covered and in a sleep state
-won’t pinch or irritate the baby’s skin because of fully lined zippers
-can be easily unzipped and zipped even if an infant is rolling or kicking

How do I care for my ZippyJamz?
ZippyJamz are made from the finest GOTS certified organic cotton. While they are true to size, some shrinkage will occur over time. Care instructions are simple: machine wash cold with like colors and tumble dry low.

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